Do you rent directly to an individual or do you only rent to companies?

We can do it either way, some properties prefer customers to do these agreements directly with us and sometimes is beneficial for individuals to contact their property management and include our rentals in the agreement.

Do you have a minimum rental period?

For the local area (within Shreveport-Bossier) we normally ask for a 3 month rental agreement, if the property is outside the local area we will normally ask for a 5 month rental agreement. We do however have the ability to accommodate special requests, please contact us to review your case.

What if I do not like some of the furniture that I was provided?

We do our best to ensure we can provide our customers with full satisfaction. Our rental furniture lines are selected to provide a pleasant experience while maintaining serviceability, efficiency and durability. We can certainly accommodate reasonable requests or process an upgrade for the type of furniture provided, please contact us to provide you with alternatives and pricing.

What if I do not need all the furniture but just part of it?

We can customize the solution to fit your needs, please call us for alternatives and pricing.

How far will you deliver?

We have regular deliveries to different areas in a 100 mile radius from Shreveport-Bossier and we would definitely consider delivering outside the range depending on the flexibility for delivery, the size and term of the contract.  |  Next

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